Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Spores of Fungus

Enjoy the following fungus pieces by Catherine Perkins, Elizabeth Beck, and Sunny Montgomery, from January's prompt!


The Bizarro Ball

Out of mind and out of body
sometimes out of this world.
Fungus grown in cow poo
picked on the right day
can split you in two.
The fruit on an organism,
a separate kingdom.
Eat a few and go somewhere
novel and new.
They were magic
dirty and dry.
Ate one and a half,
felt like a fly.
Danced with a man
who had a big butt,
on a rubber band,
tucked under his tails.
Grabbed that behind ,
put it in my face
then let it go back.
Oh what a SNAP!
Captain Dee and Billy B
ended up at home with me.
Remember some of the drive.
Unbelievable, we survived!
Born from earth, water and shit
What a strange and wonderful high
Fungus, Funguses or Fungi!



She stole my heart and left
a fungus to grow in the space
where memories float
and dreams spiral-

A damp, musty floor
of mushroom memories and fungus nightmares
is the faulty foundation
from which I step but cannot escape
because the fungus has a life of its own
pervasive, intrusive, opportunistic.

Even as I strive to aerate the soil
of my being
it creeps between my toes
and under my fingernails
invades my reality
a fungus fortitude of deceit and betrayal
clings to my soul and gets caught in my throat
stopping the screams lodged between my tonsils.

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